Why custom made?

March 5, 2017
Why spend money on custom made window coverings? Can’t I just go buy some ready-made blinds?
Yes you could, but consider these points:
  • Quality – this is the most obvious. The quality of the hardware, material etc are of a higher quality, made for daily use, and you will get many more years out of custom made blinds/curtains.
  • Less frustration – really the same point as quality, but if you had blinds that were hard, awkward, annoying to use, would you even use them? Save yourself the daily frustration and get blinds that work.
  • Aesthetics – Your windows really give soul to your home. It is where the light, the breeze, the view, is. How you design and frame your windows can give a whole new image to your home. Ready-made blinds don’t have the range of choice in types of blinds etc, and definitely do not have the range of colours and designs. Also, a blind that almost¬†fits your windows looks untidy and can make a beautiful home look unpolished and ordinary. (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a newly built modern home with window coverings that just don’t fit! The amount of effort and money that goes into a build to then bring down the look, is a little sad. I may be biased of course!).
  • Money – Yes, custom made window coverings are more costly than ready-made initially. But how long to ready-mades last? Sometimes you will get a couple of years, sometimes just a few weeks! Custom made will last you for many many years.¬†So long term, I believe you will generally save money (and sanity). Also, there are budget ranges in the custom made blinds so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality.
  • Australian Made – Yes, all of Aesthetic Blinds window coverings are manufactured in Australia (apart from some shutters). I’m not sure of exact figures but I’d be pretty certain that a majority of ready mades are imported from China.

Of course, with all these points, the best first step is to just get some advice. So arrange for me to come out for a consultation and we can discuss all the above points. There is no obligation to buy, but don’t go and buy those ready-made blinds before getting a quote for beautiful quality custom-made window coverings. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did.


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