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October 24, 2016

Roller Blinds are a great option in our Queensland homes. When they’re up, they are out of the way, opening our windows and doors to breezes and our view. When down, they are giving us UV protection, privacy, and maybe a decorative feature – there are so many fabric options to choose from.

Usually roller blinds are operated by a chain. Very easy to use and very strong. But wouldn’t it be nice to operate our blinds by a touch of a button? Imagine waking up in your dark bedroom, reaching across to the remote on your beside table, and opening up your blind to let in the morning glow. Or your living room with 6 blinds where the afternoon sun creeps in at 4pm – one touch of a button and all your sunscreen blinds lower down to keep the area cool, without loosing your outlook!

Chains are a hazard. Children just love to play with them. There are regulations in place to keep your children safe, but motorising your blinds removes the risk of the chain altogether.  ACCC Regulations

There are a variety of options available to motorise your blinds. If you are building, speak to your builder/electrician about getting power to your windows.

There is a product that doesn’t require an electrician, and the blind can be used by hand and/or remote. It’s also very nice on the budget. The battery is the blind is rechargeable, taking advantage of modern technology that we can now all have in our homes. You can see the promotional video on the product here: Dynaveil Motorisation

Call or email us and ask us about Motorisation.

(only available on new blinds)



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