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March 31, 2020

That word again…. Covid19.

It’s affected all of us in some way, challenging us in many aspects of our lives. 2020 is certainly going to go down in history.

In the interest of social distancing and keeping you and me from being a part of the curve, I have decided to stop seeing clients for now. So in the meantime, we have the option of online consultations. I will have lots of information that I will try to convey in my consultations, and I will show samples from my office (home). I will also instruct on how to measure your windows as well, and send you photos of examples, links to products/fabric etc. There is plenty of information out there. The main uncertainty is the installation. I am happy to arrange installation if you are happy to have someone in your home (and this will depend on current restrictions). The installer does not need you in the same room, and will wear gloves and follow other protocol. Or, delivery can be arranged to your home and I will pass on any requirements for installation (eg, where to fit the brackets etc). Generally, you just need to know how to use a drill, own some screws, and in some instances, how to fit using plugs.

How to arrange:

I will use Zoom. Many of you will already be familiar with it, and if not, don’t worry, it’s very user friendly. Ring or email me if you are interested in a consulation, we’ll make a time (just like a normal consultation), and I’ll send you a link to open. Please use your smartphone or tablet if possible as this will allow us to be mobile around your home to show me the windows etc. I will suggest to download the app for your device.

This is a new thing for me so I will be open to any suggestions and feedback through the process.

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I look forward to speaking online with you soon.



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