Move or Renovate?

July 11, 2017

Sorry, I don’t have the answer. I’m going through the same drama at the moment. I actually want to renovate; I like my home, my street, my neighbours. Kids are happy at school, we’re convenient to everything. Plans have been drawn, but the builders quote is way more than anticipated. So now we’re wondering whether we even need everything on the plans.

Children are getting bigger, and they will want some more space when they become teenagers (and we’ll need space from them I think!). I would also like to not share a bathroom with them (yes, our house is pre ensuite age).

What is it that makes us happy and comfortable in our home?

My only opinion is to be true to yourself. Don’t do something because that’s what everyone else does. What is it that will make your home functional and your ‘happy place’.

Obviously, you need to consider not over capitalising. And ask yourself is your home just fine? Maybe just needs some sprucing up, maybe more storage, or just redecorating!

My decision making continues……..

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